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Half a century has passed since the foundation in 1955.
We have been blessed with good luck to be supported by a variety of people around us worldwide.

Our company motto is "3 parties all good", which virtually means "buyer good,
seller good and life good". We have performed according to this, and we will ongoingly have it in our mind.

We look forward to supporting you and being supported by you for another decades to come.

We are handling variety of industrial goods such as machinery, tools, apparatuses, equipment, etc. from Japan and overseas.

Particularly we are competitive in the field of metal cutting/processing machinery. Moreover, due to the broad partnership,
we are able to provide you with not only single unit of goods,
but we can offer a system integrating new/old machines, equipment, construction work, etc.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you encounter an industrial need.

Daidou Machine Limited
President : Masaru Shichiri
1-27-7 Chodo, Higashi-Osaka
Osaka, Japan

Founded in 1955


<Main Office>
1-27-7 Chodo Higashi-Osaka, Osaka
Postal code : 577-0056
Tel : 06-6782-1679, 066782-7623
Tel : 090-4274-0792 for export division
Fax : 06-6782-1691
Web site : http://www.daido7.co.jp
Mail for export : daidou-export@tea.ocn.ne.jp

<Iga warehouse>
3401-8/9 Okigaya, Kaminosho, Iga, Mie
Postal code : 518-0121

<Hirakata warehouse>
2-16-23 Makinohonmachi, Hirakata, Osaka
Postal code : 573-1144

<Iga-Ichinomiya warehouse>
795-76 Nishinoshiba, Chitose, Iga, Mie
Postal code : 518-0003

<Lisence for used goods handling>
Secondhand equipments dealer licence No. 622220503378
by Osaka Prefectural Public Safety Commission

<Public activity>
Member in below organizations
Japan Tool Distributor's Association
Osaka Machine Industry Association
Imazato Machine Association
Higashi-Osaka Tax Payment Association

Our Line of Business 

1. Buying and selling of second hand machines such as NC/CNC/conventional machine tools,
metal cutting/processing machine, robot, laser machine, etc.

< Machines shown hereunder are the examples we mainly handle. >


(Photos : from the left)
Sumitomo Heavy Industry : Bed grinding machine (vertical/horizontal), Table size : 1700 x 4000 mm
OKUMA : Gantry machining center, Table size, 2000 x 4000 mm

HOMMA : MC Turning center, Table dia. 1250 mm, 2 pallets

Wagner (German) : Gantry NC plano miller, Table size 1700 x 4000 mm

(Photos : from the left)
OKUMA : Multi function machine MacTurn 50

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry : Horizontal machining center 630 with 2 pallets, 4 units
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry : Horizontal machining center 630 with 2 pallets, 4 units

Toshiba : 5 face machining center MPC-2540A, Table size 2000 x 4000 mm

(Left photo)
Hitachi Seiki : FMS line 800 x 800 mm, 24 pallets
Hitachi Seiki : Vertical machining center VK-85, 850 x 2000 mm
O-M : Turning center TM2-10N, Dia. 1000 mm
O-M : Turning center VL-6N, Dia. 600 mm

Nippei : Open-sided surface grinding machine, table size 3600 x 600 mm

Yasuda : Precision center YBM-100N, 1000 x 1000 mm, 5 pallets


WALDRICH COBURG : 15-10S 2525/4M (No.2.4109.10)
Year : 1985
Table length x width : 4,500 x 1,250 mm
Table working area : 4,500 mm x 1,250 mm
Table stroke : 4,500 mm
Max. machining height : 1,250 mm
Effective gantry width : 1,450 mm

Sumitomo Heavy Industry : KPL-1240B
Bed grinding machine (vertical/horizontal), Table size : 1200 x 4000 mm

2. Sale of new machine tools, equipment

< Machines shown hereunder are the examples we mainly handle. >

Sumitomo Heavy Industry :
Gantry bed grinding machine, Table size 2000 x 6000 mm
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry :
5 face machining center, Table size 3000 x 6000 mm

5 face machining center, MCR-A5C, Table size 2000 x 5000 mm


Sumitomo Heavy Industry :
Gantry bed grinding machine, Table size 1000 x 3000 mm


3. Commissioning, relocation, removal of factory equipment


We can organize all the works when you move the machines and equipment in a large scale.
Our team will support up to your satisfaction. Liability insurance obtained against damage.


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